Quality is embedded in our culture.
Rigorous quality
control that has been recognized by our clients

K Mohan prides itself on being awarded full empowerment on final inspection for Gap Inc., Polo Ralph Lauren, Marks & Spencer, Superdry, James Perse, and many more esteemed clients. Our highly qualified team of quality managers monitors quality from the fabric stage and ensures that quality standards are being met during production. Regular reviews of AQL, DHU and rejection reports allow us to ensure any defects are identified and rectified quickly. From style risk analysis reviews at the start of the season to material inspections and stringent AQL checks throughout the production process, K Mohan follows global quality standards of quality every step of the way.

Sampling and R&D

Our technical and industrial engineering departments collaborate at the very start of a season to understand the quality standards required by our customers. This process begins with a style risk analysis review at the sampling stage to provide fabric call outs, identify production bottlenecks, and highlight any construction-related issues that may impact the quality and production of the garment.

Material Mangement

When it comes to fabric, we conduct stringent quality checks as per the AQL 4.0 system. All fabrics are checked for shade, shrinkage, weaving and other fabric defects, before they are sent for production. We use best-in-class processes and tools to ensure that no faulty fabric gets past our team of trained inspectors. Special emphais is also placed on fabric storage methods, to ensure that properties do not change prior to issue for production. Accessories such as threads, zippers, buttons, etc. also go through quality checks before being issued for production.

Production quality checks

The production process begins with a size set and pilot run of the product to ensure that aesthetics and garment specifications are being adhered to before bulk production starts. Every sewing line has multiple quality check points, particularly after critical operations. End-line quality checks ensure that only pieces meeting quality standards are moved to the finishing stage. Pieces that do not meet quality standards are then quarantined to ensure that our shipments only include the highest quality garments. During the finishing stage, garments go through ironing, trimming, and checking before going through one final AQL check. Prior to getting packed, 100% of our garments go through a metal detection process to ensure that we meet global product safety standards. Garments are then packed, sealed, and readied for delivery.

Garments are checked
prior to packing by our team
of quality controllers to ensure
that only quality goods are tagged
and packed for dispatch.

Garments are checked prior to packing by our team of quality controllers to ensure that only quality goods are tagged and packed for dispatch.


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